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FAQs - Electrical Insulation & Cable Accessories

Yes. Shine Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company in India engaged in undertaking international solutions for the Electrical Insulation and Power Cable Accessories System world-wide.

Shine Industries, India's approved manufacturer in Türkiye (Turkey) bags its biggest supply order to export Power Cable Accessories to Türkiye (Turkey) since the year 2022. We are exporting Power Cable products to various cities of Turkey (Türkiye) like Istanbul, Antalya, Bodum, Trabzon, İzmir, Alanya, Nevsehir, Ankara, Bursa, Eskisehir and Mugla.

Shine Industries is India's one of the most trusted Electrical Insulation Products Manufacturer and Supplier. Since last 4 years, we have exported large supply orders of Electrical Insulation and Power Cable Accessories products to Russia in various Russian Cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novogorod, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Samara, Rostov-on-Don.

Shine Industries, located in Vadodara - Gujarat - India, has one of the reputed manufacturing unit of wide range of cold insulating products like Cold Insulating Bushing Boot. We are preparing these products with premium quality of raw materials for its long-lasting usage.

The elastomeric insulating boots are used in switchgear and transformer cable boxes, where air clearances are insufficient for normal operation, and they also protect against flashover caused by rodents or high humidity.

Shine's elastomeric insulating boots are used to create shrouded cable terminations for inline or elbow-connections to swichgears and transformers with outer cone bushings rated up to 24 kV. The Elastomeric Insulating Bushing Boot RCAB offers multiple configuration options. The boots are quick and easy to install and eliminate taping of the bushing or termination. The boot can be removed and reinstalled easily without the need for additional material or tooling - for convenient access to the bushing connection for test purposes.

Shine Industries are specialized in high-performance medium voltage switchgear for utility, industrial and commercial applications, we enable the safe and reliable distribution of energy to homes, offices, industries and businesses worldwide.

Shine Industries provides power cable accessories and electrical insulation that protects you from power outages. The final products are made from quality Silicone / PVC materials. Our QA Department checks each and every production stages so that the products helps you minimize your business disruption from power outages.

Shine Industries are one of the top best quality product manufacturers of Medium-Voltage Separable Connectors for Switchgear and Transformers Industries. Shine Industries exports Medium-Voltage Separable Connectors for Switchgear and Transformers to all major countries of the world like USA, UK, Turkey, Russia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa, Israel, Japan and many more.

Shine Industries offer PVC Material and Silicone Material Insulation for Voltage up to 36kV for the Solution to Prevent Wildlife Electrocution Substations & Transformers. These top quality PVC Materials and Silicone Materials increases our product life long-lasting and it is made for all weather protections.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC or Vinyl) is a high-strength thermoplastic material. It is widely used in applications such as pipes, wires & cables insulation. Shine Industries is manufactures, exporters and supplier of power cable accessories and cable jointing products using quality PVC materials.

Silicone rubber and silicone composite insulating technologies are increasingly the materials of choice for electrical power grids because they offer high mechanical and insulation properties, ensure heat and fire resistance and can be used for a wide range of cabling applications in various sectors. Shine Industries is manufactures, exporters and supplier of power cable accessories and cable jointing products using quality Silicone Material Insulation.

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At Shine Industries, we are an expert team of providing long-lasting solutions with our Power Cable Jointing Products & Solutions. Contact us for quality Electrical Insulation Products and Power Cable Accessories. Our factory is located in Vadodara (Gujarat). We are exporting Electrical Insulation Products and Power Cable Accessories to various countries across the globe. High quality Cable Accessories ensure network reliability leading to reduced power supply interruptions and to a safer working environment. Shine Industries is the leading cable and cable accessories supplier to the energy sector. We produces top quality power cable accessories including heat and cold shrink cable joints and terminations for power cables. We offer products using Heat Shrink, Cold Shrink and Push-on installation technologies for low and medium-voltage power cables.

Why Shine Industries?: Insulation parts are made of PVC / Silicone which has strengths in electrical and mechanical characteristics such as tensile strengths and elongation. Also all our raw materials has been tested and checked under the comprehensive quality management system. With these experiences and know-how, we have been delivering reliable power cable accessories and electrical insulators to our clients in conjunction with an extensive knowledge of cabling and assembling work.

Our Product Quality: With high quality raw-materials and advanced in-house manufacturing & testing facilities, Shine Industries provides quality finished goods with long lasting product life.

Our Strengths: A strong customer focus and highly skilled employees. Our focus has been on innovation and outstanding product quality.

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