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Electric Insulation Products & Electrical Equipment Supplier

Designing, Developing & Manufacturing of Power Cable Accessories

About Shine Industries - Power Cable Accessories

Shine Industries is an independent Family Owned Company in Vadodara - Gujarat - India. Shine Industries is managed by entrepreneurs and professionals rich in experience for Designing, Developing & Manufacturing Power Cable Accessories for Switchgear Industry, Transformer Industry, Transmission & Distribution Industry. We have always been efficient at adopting the latest technological trends and implementing them in our products. Staying ahead of the curve through innovation and quality, maintaining Customer satisfactory and quality standard to a zero defect level has been the target in front of the management as prime objective.


To be premier partner of choice, deeply involved in building relationships Everything we do is with the long-term in mind.


Our dedication to quality is the cornerstone of our success.

To be customers obvious choice by producing the best and providing services.

Our product helps in transmission loss and saves lives of birds and reptiles and eliminate the potential damage to the environment.

To grow in steady and responsible pace to the position of strength and prominence in the area of insulation.

We are always looking to improve the way we work and value what we deliver.